Contact list and form for potential consortium partners

Many companies have shared an interest to jointly address the challenge presented in the LIVE INCITE PCP, in form of collaborations and/or consortiums. Find potential partners and submit your own information on this page.

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Include following information:

  • Name of contact person
  • Contact information: E-mail (phone number optional)
  • Your relevant expertise
  • What expertise you are looking for in other companies

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Registered Companies

CareChain AB

Name of contact person: Johan Sellström

Relevant expertise:

  • We are forming a consortium to establish a public permissioned blockchain platform for the management of sensitive health data. A core component is the app for Smart Contract based Self Sovereign Digital Identity and Personal Health Record. We are also implementing different schemes for privacy preserving machine learning to raise the abstraction level from data sharing to knowledge modelling. (

Looking for in other companies:

  • Integration capability with legacy systems.

Contact information, E-mail: johan(at), Phone: +46709756404


Name of contact person: Ricard Otin

Relevant expertise:

  • Development of interactive solutions for several sectors (

Looking for in other companies:

  • Companies who need interactive solutions in the frame of RTD projects (ehealth)

Contact information, E-mail: ricardotin(at)

Linkcare Health Services, Spain

Name of contact person: José Sánchez

Relevant expertise:

  • Protocol sharing
  • Adaptive case management
  • Life style interventions (tele-coaching)
  • Collaborative care platform

Looking for in other companies:

  • Software integrators
  • Interoperability
  • Training and support
  • Solution tailoring

Contact information, E-mail: jose.sanchez(at), Phone: +34935285484


Name of contact person: Magnus Tägil

Relevant expertise:

  • Clinical research
  • PROM
  • E-health expertise
  • Medical quality register
  • Medical artificial intelligence
  • Patient support/empowerment programs
  • Qualitative data collection and visualization
  • Notification and alarm systems
  • Collaborative platforms for patient information/rehabilitation including iOS, Android & Web

Looking for in other companies:

  • Behavioural science
  • Regulatory (CE, GDPR)
  • Gamification

Contact information, Email: magnus.tagi(at)  Phone: +46 708 15 23 68


Name of contact person: Alexander Eriksson

Relevant expertise:

  • Clinical evidenced solutions for Personalized Chronic Care,
  • Medical Imaging, Predictive Analytics
  • Personalised Bio-markers and Risk Assessment. Health Standards based,
  • Secure core to cloud connected platform solutions Lower Costs - Improve Quality - Better Outcomes for health Providers,
  • Insurers
  • Pharma-lifesciences Cogenetics for population health management

Looking for in other companies:

  • Clinical Research
  • Evidencing Chronic Care
  • Preventive and Wellness
  • Care Coordination

 Contact information, E-mail : alex(at)

MyIndicators 46 AB, Sweden

Relevant expertise:

  • Person-centered indicators
  • Self-care and behavioral change tool
  • Collaborative platform
  • Notification and alarm system
  • Data integration
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection and visualizations

Looking for companies with expertise in:

  • Gamification
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Behavioral change
  • Sensing systems

Contact: Patrik Helenius, patrik.helenius(at), phone: +46 70 263 26 50

Johnson & Johnson AB,  Nordics

Relevant expertise:

  • Clinical development programs
  • Clinical research
  • Patient support/empowerment programs
  • Health and wealth programs
  • Smoking cessation
  • Behavioral change/adherence
  • RWE -real world evidence
  • IT-solutions.

Looking for companies with expertise in: IT-solutions, behavioral change.

Contact: Anna Mannervik, +46722048211, amannerv(at)

Plenar Tech, S.L. (Private), Spain

Relevant expertise: Accessibility and Telehealth for post-op guided recovery and chronic disease management

Looking for companies with expertise in: Behavior Change

Contact: Parikshit Thakur, pthakur(at), +34 631 426 166

Vicomtech-IK4 (Not-for-profit, technological research center), Spain

Relevant expertise: 

  • Natural language recognition
  • AI
  • CDSS

Looking for companies with expertise in: Behavior change

Contact: Eduardo Carrasco, ecarrasco(at), + 34 943 30 92 30,

IC Quality AB, Sweden

Relevant expertise:

  • Market research PREM/PROM
  • Management org

Looking for companies with expertise in: AI

Contact: Hanna Emami, hanna.emami(at)

Indra Sistemas, Spain

Relevant expertise: Information Technology

Looking for companies with expertise in: Clinical/ research /scientific partners for the implementation of the educational programs and motivate patients

Contact: Carlos Gutiérrez Garcia, cgutierrez(at), +34 914 805 000

Signo Motus, Italy- ehealth

Relevant expertise:

  • ICT based Behavioural change System focused to: empower users on their conditions, increase users' awareness and apply behavioral change strategies to limit cardiovascular and metabolic risks
  • Manufacturer of the telemedicine platform Habilis for tele-rehabilitation, tele-monitoring and tele-consultation services
  • Consortium Coordination (European Programmes: FP4, FP5, e-ten, ICT-PSP, FP7, H2020)

Looking for companies with expertise in:

  • Clinical centers/Experts to support the population of the Knowledge based System with relevant clinical knowledge in relation to user needs and status
  • Technical partners to support service implementation and assistance

Contact: Sandro Scattareggia Marchese, sandroscattareggia(at), +39 090 357028,

Amalfi Analytics, Spain

Relevant expertise:

  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Dealing with large, real-time data
  • Electronic healthcare record analysis

Looking for companies with expertise in:

  • Software project management
  • Behavior Change

Contact: Ricard Gavaldà, ricard(at) (company) or gavalda(at) (academic), +34 665 321 426

Microsoft, Sweden

Relevant expertise:

  • AI & collaboration
  • Platforms for engagement
  • Care plans and virtual care

Looking for companies with expertise in:

  • Partners that have or would like to build end solutions using the Microsoft cloud
  • AI platform and our Conversation as a Platform

Contact: Mathias Ekman, CDO, maekman(at), +46734083101

Artica Telemedicinina (CMC Group), Spain

Relevant Expertise: eHealth Platforms

Looking for companies in: Behaviour and motivation understanding

Contact: Alejandro Sánchez-Rico, alejandrosh(at), +34 608 17 11 35


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