Innovations improving highly specialized healthcare

Today the Center for Innovation supports a large number of innovation collaborations with academia, industry and other helthcare providers. 

These include taking cell therapy from the lab to the patient and optimising the care pathway for patients who have experienced strokes or heart failure. We also work with mobile health and e-health, analytics, radiotherapy, automation in the care sector and patient influence in palliative care.

Together, we will change the organisation, processes and working methods of healthcare. Not only will we generate greater patient value, but also discover and create new forms of value.

We focus on highly specialized healthcare, and we

  • address entire themes, care flows and functional areas
  • develop leading edge technologies
  • address areas with potential for high impact, breakthroughs and disruptive innovation
  • create industrial partnerships
  • form partnerships with leading academic institutions
  • partner with other world leading hospitals
  • integrate actively with the innovation eco system – locally, nationally and globally

Why partner up with Karolinska?

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