Better care flow for acute heart disease

Acute heart disease is a serious health threat. In the innovation partnership with Siemens we are working to optimize care for these patients.

As always, the goal is to provide the best care which includes making health care as cost-effective as possible – to generate maximum patient benefit from our taxes.

Model for the entire country

We aspire to develop – and implement – a care flow in which clinical care, research and education will have even better potential for continual improvement. New healthcare standards will help this model quickly expand throughout Sweden – and eventually even to healthcare providers in other countries.

The model will also facilitate smooth integration of MRI services in emergency care for patients with suspected acute heart disease.

Close collaboration is key

Achieving these goals requires close collaboration among all categories of personnel involved in cardiac care together with Siemens experts. Participants may include strategists, finance and hospital management as well as clinical and technical experts.

Operations show the way

All relevant functions in the hospital contributed to the thorough analysis that serves as the basis for continued development. More than 40 key individuals in the Emergency Department and Cardiology Department shared their expertise in medicine, economics, technology, management and leadership – doctors, nurses, business developers, quality coordinators, pharmacists, IT coordinators, controllers and managers at various levels.

Innovation partnership with Siemens

What: Improve acute heart disease patient flow for maximum patient benefit and cost effectiveness.

When: Established 2014, 14-year contract, in conjunction with procurement of medical technology for the new hospital building in Solna.

Services involved at Karolinska: Emergency Services and Department of Cardiology.



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