Better images for better treatment

Radiological images play a growing role in health care – for patient diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. To better meet tomorrow’s clinical needs, we have entered into an innovation partnership with Philips.

The 14-year-long collaboration provides a foundation for effective long-term solutions to promote the use of imaging in health care. Experts from both organizations are now working together to address complex issues.

– The more radical the surgery to ensure complete removal of prostate cancer – the greater the risk of adverse effects. It is currently difficult to give appropriate weight to all factors.

This is the view of Dr. Olof Akre, Department of Urology and patient flow manager for prostate cancer at Karolinska University Hospital. He is one of the clinicians driving developments in the partnership.

We are now developing a new decision support system tailored to our needs. Images merged with clinical data will make the process safer and more effective for the patient.

Develops complete care flow systems

Three areas of great potential for innovation within highly specialized care have been identified: stroke, non-advanced prostate cancer and minimally invasive surgical techniques that reduce the risk of complications. The selection of focus areas was preceded by an in-depth needs analysis and workshops in which some 50 employees – ranging from healthcare personnel and researchers to division managers – contributed their expertise.

Building a common research hub

Philips aims to establish a research hub with several researchers based at Karolinska. Hospital experts in various fields will be matched with the company's expertise to further increase the pace of innovation.

Innovation partnership with Philips

What: Develops imaging and functional diagnostics in areas such as stroke, non-advanced prostate cancer and minimally invasive surgery.

When: Established 2014, 14-year contract with an option for an additional 6 years, in conjunction with procurement of medical technology for the new hospital building in Solna.

Services involved at Karolinska: Neurology, Neuroradiology, Radiology, Urology, Oncology and Medical Physics.

Coordinator at the Center for Innovation: Martin Ingels

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