Operating room of the future facilitates better decisions

When vital information is displayed on the big screen and remote participation by specialists is facilitated, the surgical staff obtain better data for fast and confident decisions. Such activities will develop both technology and new working methods in the innovation partnership with Olympus.

The surgical suites in the new hospital building in Solna will have what is known as system integration. This provides a quick overview of various types of important information – vital signs, medical records and images from the surgical wound.

The staff will more easily be able to connect to the outside world during ongoing surgery to obtain support from specialists located elsewhere.

Testing technology in advance

Before moving in, surgical staff will have a limited opportunity to try out the new system in a test center in the Department of Thoracic Surgery in Solna. This will not only allow personnel to test drive the new technology in advance, but will also make it easier for them to pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

Develop new working methods

The Center for Innovation was involved at an early stage to identify needs and opportunities associated with these activities. The new surgical environment will provide personnel with the tools they need to carry out their daily work – and an opportunity to develop new working methods to improve patient flow. The goal is to significantly improve both efficiency and patient safety in perioperative care – before, during and after surgery.

Innovation partnership with Olympus

What: Develops surgical environments and flexible endoscopy.

When: Established 2014, five-year contract, in conjunction with procurement of medical technology for the new hospital building in Solna.

Services involved at Karolinska: Emergency Services Division, Anesthesiology, Surgical Services and Intensive Care Medicine, Gastro Center, Medical Engineering.



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