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Sharper MR images, new cell therapies, tracers for better cancer diagnosis and more efficient care flows. The collaboration with GE Healthcare is both comprehensive and long-term.

Karolinska and GE are collaborating to develop new technology that allows children to avoid general anesthesia during MRI examinations and processes to bring cell therapies from the lab into established practice. The most recent collaborative initiatives involve cyclotron and radiochemistry, as well as advanced pelvic cancer.

Tracers for cancer diagnosis

The collaboration in cyclotron and radiochemistry involves the development of tracers for diagnostic purposes, primarily within oncology. By injecting a small quantity into the patient and subsequently performing an examination such as a PET or CT scan, it is possible to see whether a tumor has spread and what parts of the body are affected. It is also possible to obtain additional information of significance for making a correct diagnosis.

Supports research on dementia

Tracers are used not only to identify and treat cancer, but also within the realm of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In addition, they play an increasingly important role in research on Alzheimer's, dementia and the brain.

We are transitioning into a new era of molecular medicine with tracers targeted for specific diseases and individualized treatment.

So says Karl Blight, General Manager, GE Healthcare, Northern Europe.

More efficient care flow

The overarching goal for innovation pertaining to care flow in advanced pelvic cancer is to increase patient benefit while reducing costs. This approach allows for better use of healthcare resources – quite simply, by providing more care for taxpayers' money.

Innovation partnership with GE Healthcare

What: Cyclotron and radiochemistry and care flow development for advanced pelvic cancer, as well as collaboration in cell therapy and MRI within neurology.

When: Several agreements, the most recent established in 2014 for 7-year and 14-year contracts (with an option for an additional 6 years), in conjunction with procurement of medical technology for the new hospital building in Solna.

Services involved at Karolinska: Neuroradiology, Radiology, Gastro Center and Vecura.

Coordinator at the Center for Innovation: Annika Thoresson.


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