With the goal of continuous improvement

Karolinska University Hospital belongs to innovation partnerships with the business community – long-term partnerships in which businesses, researchers, healthcare personnel and patients work together to continuously improve healthcare.

We are always patient advocates, which entails an inherent responsibility for the funds we receive. They must create benefit – the greatest possible benefit.

This is the view of Inger Hagerman, Chief of Cardiology and one of the driving forces behind the development of care for patients with heart failure, linked to one of our innovation partnerships.

Within the innovation partnerships, our joint efforts will result in safer and more effective treatment, better equipment, smarter healthcare processes and more cost-effective interventions.

For as many as possible

It should be possible to upscale innovations and disseminate them to benefit as many patients as possible, even outside Karolinska University Hospital.

Karolinska is a highly innovative hospital always looking to explore whether better treatment options are available for patients. From a strategic standpoint, this partnership is very important for us at Boston Scientific.

Greenhouse for creative solutions

Through partnerships with large companies, we want to create an open innovation system, in which even small and medium-sized enterprises can grow and contribute to the development of highly specialized care.

May be linked to procurement

Partnerships can be linked to the procurement system, but are not required to do so. Many innovative partnerships have been created in connection with the purchase of medical equipment for Karolinska's new hospital building in Solna.

Why partner up with Karolinska?

Current innovation partnerships

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