Better care using robots and automation

Can healthcare resources be used more efficiently and leave staff with more time for patients and other demanding tasks? We are now exploring this question in the innovation partnership with ABB.

The expected effects of introducing robotic solutions and automation in health care are substantial. In Sweden, as in other parts of the world, clinical staff spend considerable time on administrative duties. How can we change this, so that doctors, nurses and other personnel can devote more time to their areas of expertise – and to patients?

In-depth needs analysis

More than 50 people from both parties have contributed their expertise to identify potential areas for improvement and four activities were selected to provide a broad picture of the possibilities and challenges at hand.

More time for the patient

The partnership is asking several questions, including:

  • Can we free up time for meetings between patients and nurses once admission and coordination of hospital beds no longer need to be done manually?
  • Can highly qualified laboratory personnel avoid some unskilled work to free them up for more advanced and demanding tasks?
  • Can we reduce the number of heavy lifts and handling of hazardous substances, such as chemicals and contaminated blood?

In the long-term, health care could be up to 20% more efficient, according to ABB's forecast based on experience from other industries.

Innovation partnership with ABB

What: Automation and robotics in highly specialized care.

When: Established 2015, three-year contract, in conjunction with procurement of medical technology for the new hospital building in Solna. Read more about the innovation partnership linked with procurement here..

Services involved at Karolinska: Clinical Microbiology (KUL), Sterile Technique (MT), Strategic Healthcare Development and Care Production (SSVP) and Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital (ALB).

Coordinator at the Innovation Center: Annika Thoresson.

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