I-AID – accelerating the use of AI in healthcare

The project I-AID (Integrated AI Diagnostics) aims to accelerate the development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. I-AID should contribute to safe and fast diagnostics, a more effective use of resources and a more equal healthcare. The project is a regional effort managed by Karolinska University Hospital and Region Stockholm.

I-AID is not just about developing algorithms – it's about enablingimplementation of AI in healthcare by establishing clear processes, guidelines and infrastructures.
I-AID has produced a guide for secure development and implementation of Ai in healthcare covering processes and guide lines for legal aspects, procurement, IT and data.

I-AID formally ended in 2020, but several AI projects are still driven within different clinical settings using the developed processes as a guidance.

Addressing clinical needs

The I-AID project will address a number of fundamental aspects for the development, implementation and utilization of AI decision support systems in clinical practise:

  • Clinical adoption. Increased clinical know-how with regards to co-development, validation and utilization of AI decision support systems in clinical practice.
  • IT infrastructure. Technical infrastructures and processes for collecting, sharing, anonymizing data for co-development, validation and integration of AI tools.
  • Procurement. Processes for efficient public procurement of external partners for co-development of AI tools.
  • Regulatory. Legal and regulatory guidelines for collecting and sharing clinical data, classification and management of the AI tool.

The I-AID project will also carry out a number of clinical use cases in close collaboration with external AI developers. With the goal to implement CE marked AI tools in clinical practice, showing positive effects on healthcare delivery KPIs, and to generate businesses on a global market.



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