Integrated AI Diagnostics - I-AID

The I-AID project aims to fast-track the development and implementation of AI in healthcare. This by establishing clear guidelines, policies and processes in legal, regulatory, IT and procurement, as well as to generate new AI solutions together with partners, for clinical validation and implementation in clinical practice.

Presentations from the information meeting 7 November

I-AID – a regional mobilization to accelerate the use of AI in healthcare

I-AID will match several identified clinical needs, within diagnostic imaging, with leading AI developers. These pilot projects will result in clinical validated AI solutions implemented at Karolinska University Hospital, as well as enable us to address all potential problems on the way. I-AID will result in guidelines for how to work within the following areas:

  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • IT
  • Procurement

These guidelines should enable future AI projects to fast-track, and accelerate the use of AI in healthcare.



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