Interested in meeting some of us who are driving innovation at Karolinska? Please come and see us when we take part in events, presenting our work.

  • 10-11 September, Mayo Clinic: Innovation in Healthcare

    The annual conference is part of the strategic collaborative platform between Mayo Clinic, Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. As usual innovation is part of the program. The hospital will present how we develop innovation leadership and education as well as examples of successful projects – banking algoritmes for better IBD care, automation and robotiks, preventing pressure wounds already in the ER and implementing innovation in healthcare. More information

  • 12-14 September, Rome: EPUAP – European Pressure Ulcery Advisory Panel

    Jenny Delin and Caroline Kevin from the ER Department and Nina Lahti from the Center for Innovation present an innovation project to prevent pressure wounds as early as possible in the hospital care chain – already in the ER. The annual conferens is held in Rome, Italy. More information

  • 27 September, Lissabon: EAHM Congress

    Martina Ahlberg from the Center for Innovation gives a glimpse on the potential of PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) and PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation Solutions) on promoting innovation in healthcare, based on her experiences from the LIVE INCITE project. The EAHM congress is organised by the European Association of Hospital Managers and the Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers, and is dedicated to "Redefining the role of hospitals – innovating in population health". More information

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