We aim to automate and simplify processes

– We are providing the market with tools and solutions for different workflows in life-sciences and that includes cell therapy research and production, says Margareta Tennander, Leader, CTO Portfolio and Performance solutions, Life Sciences Research Manager, GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

Margareta Tennander, GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

– Our objective is to – based on our experience in biomanufacturing and partnerships/collaborations with cell therapy providers – help develop cell therapy and help automate this industry.

– We see a need to automate and simplify the different processes involved; getting cells from patients, expanding them, manipulating them and so on until they go back into the patient again, and having the tools to develop the entire workflow is imperitive. It's very labour intensive and costly today so this is one of our focus areas.

Hopefully, we will see clinical successes in the coming years and can then find a way of doing this work in a more automated way. We want to see these kind of treatments integrated into clinical settings so they are available to patients as first line treatments for diseases like cancer and many others.

– The project has given us a lot. It was really good for us to come in, in 2012 and test our equipment in real-life workflows. We learned alot both on how we need to change our tools and solutions but also how to develop methods for expanding cells in this area. It has helped us in our product development and we've also been able to help others develop their processes.