We enable co-creation with our clinics

The Center for Innovation is the bridge between industry and the clinical environment. We use innovations and partnerships to shape the best possible healthcare for the patients of tomorrow – enabling all relevant parties to work together.

We drive innovation. Methodically.

The Center for Innovation leads and drives innovation activities – strategically and in day-to-day work, in all settings, at all levels. We have a methodical way of handling risks and uncertainties to achieve rapid and continuous translational innovation – from identification of needs and opportunities to clinical and commercial full-scale implementation.

We connect industry and academia with our clinics

Karolinska University Hospital is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe – 15,800 employees, 70 clinics and 1,6 million patient visits per year. Together with Karolinska Institutet, we are leaders in clinical development and medical breakthroughs.

  • The Center for Innovation enables co-creation between industry, academia and healthcare. We match companies with clinicians, researchers and patients.

We value early involvement. Together we can identify needs in the care system, pinpoint new areas for innovation and develop the best possible solution – in the relevant environment.

The Center for Innovation connects industry with relevant experts, clinics and patients, ensuring that innovation can take place in a clinical setting.

The Center for Innovation

  • works strategically with innovation in order to ensure the best possible care for the patients of tomorrow.
  • establishes national and international partnerships between industry, academia and healthcare.
  • drives development by identifying new areas of innovation
  • takes innovation work all the way to implementation.

Why partner up with Karolinska?

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