The first patients moved into the new hospital building


On Sunday, 20 November, the new hospital building at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna was brought into use. First in were patients and units in the Cardiovascular Theme.

After a long and careful planning, the first patients in the cardiopulmonary and thoracic units were admitted at the new hospital building. During the move of the patients, patient transporters, healthcare staff and a special emergency team collaborated. The move was carried out calmly and safely, all according to the minute schedule the hospital had planned for over one year.

"Our employees have done an excellent job both in terms of preparations and during the actual move. Everything went according to plan and there were no medical complications in connection with the move. In terms of technology, our communication and alarm systems work well and backup procedures have also been established in the new hospital building to ensure patient safety," explains Annika Tibell, Head of Medical Affairs at the new hospital.

Melvin Samsom, Chief Executive Officer of Karolinska University Hospital, comments:

"Yesterday was a historical day for us. I'm pleased that our patients are now gaining access to one of the world's most modern hospitals, something that our students and researchers also benefit from. We are now continuing to introduce our new operational model with new ways of working around the patient, which is facilitated by the new hospital environment. Altogether, this is an important step on the journey towards our "Patient first" vision."

Sunday, November 27, part of the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, including the pediatric emergency ward, moved in to the new hospital building. The other units will move in 2018 when construction of the rest of the new hospital is complete.