Supporting lifestyle changes, improving outcomes of care

Live incite aims to empower patients and support lifestyle changes in order to improve outcomes of surgical procedures as well as cost effectiveness of healthcare providers. The EU funded project is a collaboration between Sweden, Spain and Denmark.

It is well known that lifestyle factors strongly influence complications and mortality, therefore patient behavior change is vital. 

Challenging the market to create a solution

Through the use of pre-commercial procurement LIVE INCITE aims to both challenge and stimulate the market to develop patient-centred interactive IT-solutions, promoting lifestyle changes


Publishing of the request for tenders

The LIVE INCITE project has completed the request for tender documents, but due to unforeseen events we are not able to provide an updated date for publishing of the request for tenders. We expect to publish the request for tenders second half of December.

We have a great understanding for the interest of information from market stakeholders and the wish to be able to prepare possible tender proposal work. We will now start to publish background information documents on our website regarding the challenge of LIVE INCITE that we believe can be of great value to the many market actors showing a great interest in our coming tender (see link below).

Background information: The Challenge

Background information: Behavior Change Theory

Interested in forming a collaboration/consortium




Video: Open market information meeting

Prior Information Notice

LIVE INCITE has published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on TED under Business opportunities and further under "Prior Information Notice without call for competion":, with more detailed information on the market consultation.



LIVE INCITE stands for "Lifestyle intervention in the perioperative process through digital service".


EU funded project in the ICT domain

Horizon2020: PCP – eHealth innovation in empowering the patient

LIVE INCITE is a 3 year project supported by EU through Horizon2020, in a call for performing a Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP) for services based on ICT technologies that can empower hospitalised patients, outpatients and their families/carers to support a continuum of care across a range of services.

Partners: Karolinska Universitety Hospital (Lead procurer) in Stockholm, Sweden, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain and Bispebjerg/Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Rheumatism association.


Martina Ahlberg, Project Manager
Telephone: +46 76 551 90 35

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