Integrated AI Diagnostics 'I-AID'

The 'Integrated AI Diagnostics' lab (I-AID) is a regional mobilization to accelerate the use of "AI" (artificial intelligence) in health care, initially focusing on 'Integrated Diagnostics'.

I-AID puts health care in the driver's seat for the development and implementation of AI solutions based on the needs of the patient and health care provider. I-AID will provide clinical expertise, high quality clinical data, clear processes and structures in IT, procurement and policies and thus have all the necessary components to become a center of international prominence for health care driven AI development. I-AID will attract external expertise from industry and academia to develop in close cooperation customized AI solutions for increased quality, efficiency and personalized patient care, for dissemination on a global market.


Fredrik Öhrn
Phone: +46 (0)70-756 22 60
E-mail: Fredrik Öhrn