Research & Education

The Visions from Karolinska University Hospital of "Excellence in Research" and from Karolinska Institute that "Future Health Care must be based on Research and Development" illustrate determination to reach new medical knowledge of substantial use in our society. The foundation for our collaborative work is our Research Profiles.

Professor Jonas Bergh. Photo: Stefan Holm

With the goal of optimizing individual treatment

Jonas Bergh has for many years been one of the leading breast cancer research that focuses on studies of cancer cell characteristics, implications for prognosis and how to find the most appropriate treatment.
The research aims to tailor individual treatment on base of tumor-specific properties. The goal is to be able to as early as possible start the right treatment for the individual.

A cell. Photo: Lennart Nilsson

Research at the Hematology Center

The Hematology Center conducts research on various hematologic cancers. Researchers are trying both to find a cure and to understand the underlying cause of these diseases. Research today largely focuses on genetics.

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